Vanessa  & Jackie Koedatich
Hi, We  raise and show bantam chickens and a few large fowl. We have Buff Brahma's , Speckled Sussex, Black Australorp Large Fowl  &  New Hampshire bantams. Wehave been involved in this hobby for several years now and we love it....
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*** All of the jpg photo's on my pages are original creations and property of Skytop bantams... They are for your enjoyment ..please do not copy without permission
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American Poultry Association
American Bantam  Association
Endless Mountains Poultry Assoc
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since 10/2011
Master Breeders of Buff Brahma Bantams
Speckled Sussex Bantams
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Our NEW Barn
Daisy's Mansion
We think our new barn is great! It is 2 story has radiant floor heating & the birds have covered access to outside.
Oh Yes,  this was for Daisy. The most wonderful little RI Red Hen! given to us by Don & Sue Nelson. Daisy passed away this past summer..There won't be another, she was so special... Daisy is greatly missed : (. Her mansion has some very special retired & semi retired birds that live in it.
Our Black Australorp Large Fowl
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Our New Batchelor Pad
this barn was designed for
boys only each has his only inside outside space